Tuesday, August 16, 2016

La Verkin and yep, La Verkin


Well, transfers have happened, I'm with a crazy, goofy, and sarcastic
companion, and we know nobody and everyone knows us. That's the way it
works in Utah Missions. Everyone knows you, even if you don't know

So Elder Holt and I whitewashed, meaning that two Elders left and we
both came in. The work, well, was going slow. Like a dying turtle
slow, but we're giving that turtle CPR and it is up and running again.
We had an awesome week.

We were referred to go and met this guy, Jessie, and man, he is so
prepared. Like halfway through the lesson, the spirit was like:
"You've got to invite him to be baptized." And I was like sweet! Let's
do it. So near the end of the lesson we were like: "do you want to be
baptized?" (Phrased better than that) and he was like: "yeah, I will."
"Will you go to church this Sunday?"
"Yeah, what time does it start?"
"I'll be there."
So this is like a missionaries dream just so you all know. And then he
beat us to church! We got there at like 9:40 and he was already there
and the members were just over there talking to him like they'd been
best friends for years. So yeah, the members are the best here. It was

And then we went on exchanges with the AP's and that was fun talking
to college students all day.

But to finish, I need to share with all of you Elder Holts favorite
moment of the week: So he's driving and as such he feels the need to
park me next to sprinklers and puddles. Now I'm totally fine with
water in the desert but I hate getting my ties wet. So he parks on
this guys driveway next to these sprinklers and then he gets out of he
car dry and happy. So I get out and run around the car but I learned
something: wet concrete slabs and church shoes do not mix so all of
sudden I'm just WHAM on the ground. I landed on my elbow and hit my
funny bone so all of a sudden I like can't feel my pinkie and I'm
freaking out as Elder Holt just laughs. Good times, good times.

I love you all and keep on being great!

--Elder Pearson

1. Elder Meza's great grandfather (it's supposed to be punny)
2. We found Kolob
3. St. George temple