Saturday, March 12, 2016

Three's a company, five's a family!


The mission is awesome, just let me start off with that. I'm sure that
I've preached that in like all of my emails, but it's because it's
truth. And that's all I speak. Actually, that's a lie. If we get some
super spicy food and the lady asks me if its good, I'm going to say
it's good through fighting back the tears and the burning of my mouth.
I don't know how Hispanics do it. They must have like callused mouths
or something. I don't know.

But, anyways, pretty good week.

Since I got here to Moroni, in October, we've been teaching this
family, Jesus, Modesta, and Yareli. They want to be baptized, there's
just some stuff that they need to work on. Yareli, is their daughter
and she's 10, and when we invited them to be baptized, she was sitting
between her parents and she threw her arms up around both of their
necks and she pulled them close and said: "Yes, but it has to be as a
family!" She has two older sisters who have never been involved in the
lessons nor have they ever wanted to be. So last Thursday, we were
about to start teaching them and the two oldest daughters, Yoana and
Linda, come walking out to get something out of the kitchen. "Aren't
you gonna say hi?" Jesus asks them. They come back in and say hi, and
then they sit down. Jesus didn't ask them, we didn't ask them, they
just did. And you know what's even better? They listened. And they
taught some principles too. We are talking about the plan of salvation
and Yoana said: "Adam and Eve... Didn't they eat the fruit that they
weren't supposed to so then they got thrown out of the garden?" Bingo!
Then a little more explanation. It was super cool. And they both
accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon.

Another family we're teaching, the Dad is not an active member of the
church and his wife isn't a member but they want their son to be
baptized so we're teaching them. At the start of the lessons, the dad
said: "You know guys, I'm not into the whole preaching thing. I'll
read some scriptures you give me, but I'm not into the teaching."
Okay, we can work with that. Well in our second lesson, again we were
teaching the plan of salvation and the dad was involved and pretty
much taught the whole thing! So again, it was pretty awesome.

The weather is finally nice again. Other than the fact that it snowed
yesterday, but besides that it's been pretty good. We found these
Mexican kids that like to play soccer and they were like "you guys
want to play?" Heck yeah! So we went and for some reason, they put me
in goal for one part and that was a terrible idea but it was super fun
and I didn't get hurt. So that's always a success, right?

I hope that life is rocking for all of you great people out there. And
know that it can rock even more if you pray and as the scriptures. Do
it for three days and see if there's a change. I promise you there
will be. Just pray in the morning, read a little in the morning, say
prayers as needed throughout the day and then pray again at night. The
simple things of life, bring the Spirits light!

Love you all!

--Elder Pearson

1. Utah's treating me well.
2. Another soccer game we joined
3. Some weird one footed skateboard. Right after this picture, Elder Carmon fell
4. Giant Indian drum that we played with our Peruvian friends

Picture #1 one is a joke. I've not that fat.
Nor will I be.
I hope.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Recipe for Conversion

Hello People!

I have never had any part of my body waxed. But I just got done with
haircuts and apparently my left eyebrow wanted to talk to my right
one, so they started building a bridge of hair over the top of my
nose. So the lady cutting my hair was like "that's not good" so then I
see her coming at me with this Q-Tip which is has this burning wax (I
find out) as she rubs it on my face. Then "RRRIPP!" Off it comes. That
hurt. I don't know how people do that to their legs. Anyways, I felt

So when I first got here in Moroni, I met this lady named Bobbie at
the Drug Store. She's pretty cool and she has an amazing memory. I
told her my birthday once and she remembers it to this day. Anyways,
we asked her if we could come and meet her family. She said that her
family wasn't a huge fan of the whole "Mormon Thing" but apparently
she likes missionaries and she's met a lot of them so she invited us
to come over. Then we lost her address.... So last week, Elder Carmon
and I were knocking doors and whose house do we come to? Lo and
behold, it's Bobbie's house! So we start talking and she gives us this
recipe and tells us to come back. When we come back again she gives us
these cheesecake cups which I liked, which is amazing if you know me
cause I don't like Cheesecakr, and then she told us that we had to
make some. So obviously we did and brought her some he next day. She
said she was kidding but then she gave us another recipe. Right before
we left, we asked her if missionaries had ever talked to her before.
She said, "not like this. They'd said hi but never talked."
"Well, do you know what we do?" I asked.
"You teach out of your books." She said.
"That's true. Books like the Book of Mormon. Would you read one if we
gave you one?"
"Well, yeah sure!"
Okay, that was the easier invitation ever extended and accepted in the
history of like forever.
She and her son were both very open to it. It's awesome to see how
everyday the Lord will put people into our paths so we can bless their
lives. The Lords timing is amazing.

I hope that all is going well in your guys' lives. Just remember this:
if you're ever down, walk into the bathroom and look yourself  in the
mirror. Then say: "Boy, you're looking beautiful! Don't cha evah die!"
Then snap your fingers at yourself as the good looking person you are
and then walk out of the bathroom. It's a confidence booster and it
works, trust me. I do it almost daily and it's awesome.

Love you all,

--Elder Pearson

1. We found a pet bird
2. My main village man, Tucker, got his mission call, to Zimbabwe!
3. "Elder... I think I'm stuck." He was.