Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holy Frijoles!


Man what a week. A Lot happened, but I think that the crowning event was Thursday night from about 5:00 pm - 9:00. We had three meals in the matter of four hours. And they were all Mexican. Which means spicy. 

So the first of the three course each meal was our actual dinner appointment with this member, Maria, and her investigator sister, Juana. These two ladies crack me up. But Maria loves to cook and she's a great cook. Just like with all Mexican food, they find it necessary to add an unnecessary amount of spice to everything they make. Even if it's already spicy. So what we had for first dinner was 1/4 plate of refried beans, 1/4 a plate of Cajun rice, and then 1/2 plate of two Chilean peppers which are about the length of your hand and then where stuffed with cheese. So when I cut into the chili and see cheese ooze out my first thought is: Wow. That's a lot of cheese. And I like cheese so I'm thinking that this isn't gonna be spicy. Wrongo. Juana tells me: "Juero, es un poco picante." It's a little spicy. (Juero means "White Guy") Yeah, okay, it's just cheese. I needed to believe her. I take a bite, and holy cow, fire erupts in my mouth. My tastebuds have no idea what is going on. My mind is screaming: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME. I swallow the fire cheese pepper and it burns down my throat. Oh boy. This is gonna be an adventure. "¿Estás bueno, Juero?" Is it good, white guy? Maria asks me. "Sí, la comida es muy rica." I tell her. She smiles proudly then walks back to the kitchen. I feel a cough coming up and fight it back and Elder Pardo just starts laughing at me. As I get to the close of this meal I realize that I just have one more bite of this volcano chile. I can do this. As I stab the beast with my fork, I see a seed fall out of it. Oh, just one seed won't hurt, I think as I bring it up to the mouth. As I bring it closer to my mouth, I see that this is the hang out place for all of the seeds. There was literally twenty in this one spot. I said a prayer of help. I put the chili in my mouth and painfully take a bite as spice and heat consume my mouth. This is just painful. What do I do? I start singing a hymn in my head. It helped out a little bit. I conquered that beast and said my fork down satisfied. Then Maria out two Enchiladas covered in red sauce next to me. That was fun too. 

After that we had an awesome lesson with this guy, José and his wife. They had a lot of questions for us, ranging from the plan of salvation to the Restoration. So that was pretty awesome. Then they fed us some home made tamales. They were pretty good except for the beef on the inside was smothered in Cajun pepper powder. 

On the way to the next appointment, all I wanted was a salad. As we walk in we see they're cooking huge slabs of meats and then I see salad and pasta salad too. Oh, thank heavens. This is the most American Mexican food I've ever seen. My prayer was answered. The salad and meat where both so good. Then I got to the pasta salad. Turns out that this was loaded with Cajun pepper to add flavor too. So my mouth was treated with more. 

But I love it out here. The people are amazing, members and nonmembers and always happy to help us out. Our time here on earth is short, I'm beginning to realize that. So we need to make the most of it. Live for the Lord and always find ways to serve him through serving others. Always remember the Primary song: "I am a Child of God" because it's always true. No matter who you are or what you do, know that God is there, that Christ is there and the He loves you and wants to help you. 

The Church is true, the Book is blue, and God loves you.

-Elder Pearson

P.S. We contacted the killer black dog beasts house. The family is awesome and the dogs name is Scooby. I love this dog to death. 

1. Scooby can give handshakes!
2. We met this guy who was cutting meat for Thanksgiving with a woodcutter
3. This families house that we went to had a slide in their house that went down to their basement so obviously I went down it
4. We had a snowball fight with all of these kids in a Trailer Park

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