Monday, December 21, 2015

Laboring in the Field

You'll soon understand why the title is a pun


This week has been a great week. We've been laboring hard. And labor has occurred in a lot of different ways. 

Last week I talked about the family where we invited them to be baptized and they where like: "Yeah, sure, that'd be awesome!" And then like two seconds later they were like: "Oh wait a minute. We can't do that date. That's when my baby's due!" So we prayed about it and moved it back to January 30th. But it seems as though the Lord is pretty set on them being baptized on the 16th. 

We went and visited the mom on Wednesday and talked to her briefly about the Book of Mormon. Her daughters weren't home yet so we decided to meet with her and her daughters, the following day in the afternoon and four. She said that she had a doctors appointment the next day but that she should be home by then. Well the next day comes around and we're running late from a lesson in another town and so we call them. The daughter picks up.

"Hey, Sophie! It's the missionaries!"
"Oh, hi!"
"Hey, so we set up an appointment with your mom yesterday about having us come over at four to teach a lesson and it's like 4:10 right now, so we're running late but we will be there soon!"
"Oh, I don't think that's going to be possible, Elders."

Uh-oh. I hope they don't drop us. 

"Why not?"
"Well, my mom had a doctors appointment today and they've kept her there cause apparently she started having contractions."

Yep, that's what we do out here. Put people on date and then put them into labor. 

She didn't actually have the baby yesterday but it was about a month early so we'll see what happens. But they are a great family and I love them to death. 

Anger awesome thing! The Live at Home Missionaries have been teaching this 18 year old, MaKay. We have had the opportunity to get to meet him and teach him these past few weeks and he was baptized this past Saturday! He is a great guy and really awesome and super ready and wants to go on a mission in a year! Yes!

 Good old Spanish word mix up: "Cuerpo" means body. I know that. "Culpa" means guilt. I know that one too. But I just had a really bad brainfart this week and messed the too up. I was talked about the Atonement and how it gets rid of our guilt, but really what I was saying is that it gets rid of our bodies. Whoops. But the nice Mexican people just smiled and nodded and waited for Elder Pardo to cover my mistakes and explain that the Atonement doesn't get rid of our bodies but rather our guilt. 

But in truth, that is what the Atonement does, it gets rid of our guilt. From whatever mistakes we have made in our life, we can be forgiven through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's a free gift to all. All we need to do is reach out to it and it can and will be there to bless our lives. We celebrate Christmas to remember this gift that God has given us because He loves us. He has given us His Son, Jesus Christ, that through Him, we can be forgiven. Yeah, Santas great, but Jesus Christ and His birth is even better. So remember Him this season. Remember Him and why we celebrate Christmas. 

Love you all,

--Elder Pearson

1. MaKay's Baptism
2. We at dinner at a mansion (it actually used to be a school, but that's a different story)
3. Christmas Party Pics (excuse Elder Pardo's sign, he doesn't mean it. Righteousness is best)

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