Friday, December 11, 2015

The Hand of the Lord; Miracles and Tomatoes

People at the home front!

Oh, baby. What a week. As the subject line says, the hand of the Lord was really prevalent in the work this week. We have had so many miracles this week. 

For example, a week ago, a nonmember mom called us and told us her she wanted the best for her kids. She's Catholic but she wants her kids to decide what they want to do. As a family, they're going through s really rough time right now. The mom had been to a church activity and really loved it. We went over and had a wicked spiritual lesson. Half way through it, she looked at us and said: "I felt really good at the church activity. And I feel that same thing now." Well, sweet. We told her that that was the Spirit and we explained that the Spirit testifies of truth. And so, if she read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it and felt those same feelings, would she and her daughters be baptized? They all said yes. Holy cow, what a happy day, not just for a Greenie, but for any missionary! The Lord put them into our path to meet and teach. Later that week, after we prayed for a baptismal date, we went back and taught them again and invited them to be baptized on January 16th. The mom was just like: Yeah. But then her daughter looked at her and said: "What, mom. No! The baby!" I was confused. "Oh," the mom laughed. "That's right. I totally forgot. That's when my baby's due!" She's pregnant. (I didn't dare ask). So we're working on that but they're excited. 

And later in the week, one of our investigators told us that their aunt really needed what we were teaching. They still want to hear it too, but they said that she really needed it cause this time of year their aunt usually is really bitter and upset. 23 years ago her baby son died and he hadn't been baptized Catholic yet, so she was told that he was is limbo and wouldn't be saved. What a sad and depressing thought. We went over there and first she got mad at us and told us that she didn't want to talk that she was mad at this time of the year because of her son passing away. Then the Spirit touched her heart and she said: "Well, I guess you can come in for a few minutes." We were able to come in and read with her from the Book of Mormon in Moroni 8 which talks about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how through that Atonement, little children are saved in the kingdom of God. I wish that you could've seen the joy enter into her face and watch the bitterness and anguish leave her soul as we told her of this truth. It is truly a blessing to be a missionary to bring this message of joy to many people. 

The Lord continued to bless us immensely this week and open up ways to meet nonmembers, members, and less actives. It was truly a blessing. 

And He also blessed my mouth cause we had really spicy Mexican food again from the same awesome members as last time. This time, as I struggled with the food she asked me: "Te qué pasó, Juero?" Which means: "What's wrong with you, white guy?" But the Lord blessed me. I have never like tomatoes. I always thought that they were gross. But I have been converted to them. As my mouth battled with this fire erupting in my mouth it was suddenly aided by a bite of water. Cool water quenched the fire. Holy, cow. I thought. Where did that come from? Then I saw it: a tomato. A tomato saved me. So i know why God created tomatoes now: to help white guys like me eat really spicy foods. 

The Lord is merciful and pours out blessings upon us. Look for these in your life. As you do, the Lord will pour out more. And why? Cause we're His children and He loves us. 

Love you all,

--Elder Pearson

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