Monday, February 15, 2016

Broken iPads, Baptism

Hello fabulous people!
Man, what a great week! Well, despite the fact that Elder Carmon broke his iPad. Haha, he's gonna kill me for laughing at him but it was so funny. So sometimes during companionship study, Elder Carmon gets a little unfocused. So to refocus himself he'll stop doing whatever it is that is distracting him and do something totally random to help him get back on track. So his choice of de-distraction that day, was to stand up on a chair and tell me his ideas for our lessons that day. As he was standing on the chair telling me his ideas, he also got the great idea to pass the iPad between his hands. Well, one of those times, it didn't quite make it to his other hand and kind of hit his hand and flipped over his hand. Now, Elder Carmon isn't that tall, like 5'5'' but he was standing on a chair about 3 feet off the ground. So he was almost nine feet off the ground. His iPad flipped, hit the edge of the chair, flipped again and then landed screen down on the floor. His face was priceless. It was one of those: "Oh, shoot. What have I done???" And he just stared at me. 
"Elder Pearson," he said. "pick it up for me and tell me what happened." 
So I picked it up and no matter what, i was planning on telling him that it was broken. Even if it was fine. He seemed to know I'd do that.
"And don't joke with me."
Darn it.
So I opened up the case and of this glass just falls into my lap. There were spiderweb cracks all over the place. I just started laughing and Elder Carmon was like freaking out: "Why are you laughing? What happened to it?!" I showed him. He just looked at it and then he walked into the bedroom. I found him three minutes later with his face in his pillow. Then he got up cheerful. Later he told me: "I knew I had two options. Either I could punch a hole in the wall or get over it. But I realized that if I punched the wall then there would be a hole in the wall and that my hand would hurt."
That's the way to do it.
We were blessed this week to be able to have a baptism. Sophie got baptized. This was a really special experience for me. Well, every baptism is. But me and Elder Pardo (my last companion) where led to her and her family and started teaching them. Then elder Pardo left and Elder Carmon and I have been teaching her. It has been awesome to see her testimony grow. We asked her what she would do if somebody asked her why she got baptized. To that she shared her testimony on prayer and how it helped her to know that it was true. That was such a sweet and special experience. And her mom has been growing too and was really touched by Sophie's baptism and confirmation. It was so great.
The work is coming and the work is true. If you want to know it's true, just ask. If you've already asked and know it's true, ask again. There's no hurt in receiving more confirmation.
I love you all and I hope that your weeks are great!
--Elder Conner Pearson
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1. Elder Carmons broken iPad
2. Sophie's Baptism!
3. Elder Carmon chilling in a broken chair

5. Playing guitar out in the middle of nowhere, preaching the Gospel
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