Saturday, January 30, 2016

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles!

Wonderful people out there in the world!

So I know that I usually put three different words as my title but
man, all I can say is that this week has been full of miracles.

In all honesty, two weeks ago was pretty rough. A lot of lessons
canceled and it was difficult to find people to teach. So all
throughout this week, we've been praying for miracles and been praying
that we could find the elect. Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
He worked through the Elders in Mount Pleasant for this first miracle.

Elder Carmon and I serve in a bilingual area, English in Spanish in
the Moroni Stake, and then we cover pretty much all the rest of
Sanpete county in Spanish. Well, the Elders in Mt. Pleasant suggested
that we go and tract a trailer park in their area. Now tracting really
doesn't work anywhere else in Utah cause either you'll run into a less
active or a Mormon Grandma that will let you in and never let you go.
But tracting in trailer parks works. For those of you who are not
familiar with Mission Language, when I say tract, I do not mean like
tracting down an animal to slaughter and eat for lunch. This means
that you go to a street or area and go down the street and knock every
door and look for, or "tract" down those that are ready to hear the
true message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. So clarification:
we're not hunting people down to eat them. That's just wrong.

Anyways, I got side tracted (haha I know that's not the right term but
I just that that it would fit in this tents. Haha again, cause you
hunt in the woods and camp in tents. Haha I love bad puns). But
anyways, after tracting this trailer park and getting chased but this
devilish looking dog, we eventually made it down to the end of the
trailer park. We knocked on the door and this Guatemalan lady,
probably about 25, opened the door and told us to come in cause it was
freezing outside. We did and met her boyfriend, Thomas. Her name is
Mary and she's talked to missionaries before but Thomas never did. So
we set up a lesson with her and Thomas and then later that week it
fell through but we rescheduled with them for this past Saturday. We
were on exchanges when that happened and so Elder Cruz and I went and
taught the lesson. Oh, it was so awesome. So we have some other
investigators, one of which is scheduled for baptism on the 30th of
January that we're teaching. Well it turns out that Mary is related to
them and then her uncle is the first counselor in the Branch
Presidency. And she's Catholic but she also has a little girl. And she
straight up told us: (in Spanish) "Yeah, my dad" (he's apparently
super Catholic) "says that she needs to be baptized cause she's
sinful. But she hasn't done anything wrong! Why does she need to be
baptized? I don't think she does." Oh yes, fireworks of excitement
where exploding in my brain. But the Lord is merciful and she
continued to tell about how she feels as though we should pray to God
and God only. Oh, thank you so much. This was a miracle within itself.
And then Thomas said, "Yeah, I'm Christian but me and Mary want to be
unified in our family with religion so if she wants to go to church
and read and pray and learn, then I will too." Oh yes. This is
awesome. They are really awesome and super ready.

Then, another miracle, we are teaching the cousin of Mary. Her name is
Sophie and she's on date for this month but she's a minor. So in order
to be baptized we have to receive permission from both parents. Her
mom is totally down for it, she's been in the lessons, but we have not
been able to meet with the dad because he gets home late every night.
So we've been scared for that. Turns out that the mom and dad both
decided that religion is their kids choice so if they want to be
baptized into a different church, they're all for it. So that was a

And last one. Oh, this one was awesome. We have been teaching this
wonderful elderly lady, Juana. She's been being taught for a long time
and we've been inviting her to be baptized and she's kept on saying
that she needs to learn more. Finally, she decided that she wanted to
be baptized but first, she has to get a new kidney. I know, random,
right? But she's been super sick. That was about 3 weeks ago. So we
fasted and we've been praying for her to be able to receive that
kidney so that she could be baptized. We had a lesson with them
Thursday night but on the way over, we got a phone call from her
sister that said they couldn't meet with us because Juana got the call
that she could receive a new kidney! What?!! Oh, we were so excited.

So that is my message for all of you: the Lord is blessing you
everyday. But sometimes it's hard to see His hand in your life. So
what I say, is open your eyes. I had to. And as soon as I did and
recognized the small things, the Lord started to bless me and Elder
Carmon with even more miracles. It is amazing! Just pray, and ask our
father, in the name of Jesus Christ, for Him to open your eyes so that
you will be able to see the miracles. Then get up off your knees and
started recognizing small miracles. For example: I can breathe. I can
see. I can walk. I can hear. These are all miracles. Then keep seeing
them and the Lord will bless you with more.

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and
it shall be opened unto you." (Matthew 7:7)

I love you all to death and so does our Heavenly Father,

--Elder Conner Pearson

1. I've never like enchiladas but this was amazing. I had seven. But I
regret nothing.
2. A picture of the Manti temple. I just have to throw that in there
cause it's absolutely beautiful.
3. It was Elder Carmons birthday! He's so old! Like 20.

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