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Christmas Caroling! Miracle Cream, Answering questions, Animal Rescue

From December 29, 2015

Hello all you people!

Sorry this is on Tuesday, no, we are not being disobedient. We went to the temple today so today is our P-Day (the day we can write home).

Merry late Christmas!! Oh, Christmas was awesome. I love Christmas so much. On Tuesday, I went up to Mt. Pleasant for the day and spent it with this awesome missionary, Elder Pendergrass. It was pretty awesome - we went Christmas caroling. I love Christmas caroling, it just makes me so happy. I think that my favorite thing was that we Caroled at this persons house "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and she looked so happy that we were caroling. Then as we were leaving, she said: "Happy Haunkaka!" Yeah, okay. 

So last Preparation Day we went sledding. That was pretty sweet. We went sledding down these snow packed streets. I found this hill that had a little bit of a dip in it. So I decided to sled down it and I hit the bump and I got pretty high in the air. Well, that was fun, I thought. So what did we decide to do? The smartest thing we could. Make the jump bigger, obviously. After we made it pretty tall, I, being the brave guy I am, decided to go down it. Well, I got pretty good height. A little too much, though. I ended up landing on my wrist and hurt it pretty bad. I had to go to the doctors, and I got X-rays and a sweet brace. Now, I'm good with being patient, somewhat, and I was up for waiting the three weeks until my wrist was completely healed, as the doctors said it would. But the problem was is that I had to play guitar for a town party on Christmas Eve. So we had ourselves a cunumdrum. What to do, what to do. So I decided to get a blessing and I was praying really hard that my wrist would heal. Well when I was on exchanges with Elder Pendergrass we went up to dinner literally on the side of the mountain and the people gave us presents. 
The first one, the mom said: "So, I don't know how you two feel about DoTerra Essential Oils," 
Oh, no. I think. Not one of these people (I don't believe in DoTerra Oils. I think it's a hippie fraud.) 
"But I have this cream, it's called Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage"
I gave myself a mental slap. Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage? This sounds like sauce that you put on people if you're a zombie. 
"And if you put it on a wound or a sprain, it will heal it very quickly. My daughter got burned really bad on her face and the doctors said that it would take a year to heal and I put this stuff on her burn and it healed in two weeks."
I just sat there for a second. I kind of felt as if Heavenly Father was saying to me: "Alright, you were stupid, and went off of a jump and hurt yourself. and you have faith that I will heal you by Thursday night. So you can use cut down your pride that Essential Oils are fake and try this, or its gonna take you the whole three weeks to heal."
"I want you to know that this gift is an answer to my prayer," I told her. I tried he stuff out. Other than the fact that it smelt like a sewer, holy cow, it actually worked! My wrist wasn't completely healed but it didn't hurt like at all and I was able to play guitar at the party. A miracle, for sure. 

And I need to repent. I guess Essential Oils works. I'm not converted to it yet, but I have a testimony of it. 

Oh! Another Christmas miracle! So a couple weeks ago, a member introduced us to their friends. As we looked in our teaching record it turned out that this family had been taught before but had been dropped for some reason. So yesterday we decided to go back and see what was up with them. They let us right in. Pretty much all of the moms family is LDS but her husbands family is seventh day Evangelist. Neither of them are members, however. It was pretty sweet. We sat down and the mom pretty much got straight to the point. She had questions that she has had for years but nobody has ever been able to answer them. So she wanted to ask us, see if we knew anything. And after about 15 years, she received her answers. The Lord was merciful to us and Elder Pardo and I were inspired as of what to say and how to answer her questions. She loved it! She was so happy we had answers! So happy, in fact, that she invited us over for dinner tonight! It's pretty sweet. 

Last thing: last night we saved a dog. We came home and were about to start planning, when we heard this like squealing coming from somewhere. We followed the sound. It sounded like it was coming from outside our window. So being the good samaritans we are, we ran outside and looked for the sound. We found a little puppy dog, stuck in the window well outside of our window. Well, what do we do? I ask. I don't know, Elder Pardo said. We decided to let it stay the night. His name is Mr. Charles and our landlord is going to find out whose dog it is today. 

The Lord is merciful, the Lord is kind, and the Lord always has time. Pray, talk to Him. He wants to hear you. He wants to answer you. And why? Cause He's our Heavenly Father and we are literally His children. So talk to Him. I promise you, He will answer back. 

Love you all, and have a fantastic week!

--Elder Pearson

1. Mr. Charles - the puppy we saved
2. I met Santa again! He's everywhere!
3. Elder Pendergrass and the Caroling car
4. I learned how to make home made tortillas!

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