Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Transfers, holding fluffy animals, Miracles, Elder Ballard

Hello everybody!

And another week has come, yet again! This week was kind of sad. My
dad left me.

I need to define some mission terms: So when you go out into the
mission, your first companion is called your "Dad." So Elder Pardo
was/is my mission Dad. And every six weeks there are changes made.
Some missionaries move to different parts of the mission and others
stay. These are called transfers. And this past transfer, that
happened on Tuesday, Elder Pardo left me :( But it's alright cause my
new companion, Elder Carmon is hilarious. He looks Mexican but he's

This is a quote from Elder Carmon:

"Man, Elder, I slept like a baby last night."
"Oh, really? That's good." I say.
"Yeah," he says, "I woke up every two hours, cried a little bit and
then fell back asleep."

Oh man, I was like laughing for two hours. And I was cracking up as I
was writing it. Anyways, Elder Carmon is great. So far, together,
we've held two strange fluffy animals, so that just means that the
future is bright of holding more strange, fully animals. One of them,
we are at dinner and Elder Carmon, was like: "What is that?" And the
girl was like: "Oh, that's my chinchilla!" Then she happily ran over
and brought back what looked like an extremely fluffy, oversized rat,
mixed with a lemur and raccoon. It was pretty darn adorable.

This week has been amazing with the mission language. The gift of
tongues, the gift of God to be able to speak in other languages, is so
true. I was kinda freaking out this week cause Elder Pardo, Mr. I'm
Fluent In Spanish, English, French, AND German, left and there goes
the ability to communicate. But the Lord has opened up our ears and
our mouths this week and we've made a couple new contacts and had some
great lessons in Spanish. One of them, okay, miracle time! This was
with our Peruvian shepherd friends, Orlando and his Catholic friend,
Ublado. Last week Ublado had questions for us about what was so
special about our church and we told him about the Apostasy and the
Priesthood power and he was kinda like "oh." Well, we taught him and
Orlando the first lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ and I was explaining the Book of Mormon and the importance of
it and praying about and asking God. I was in the middle of saying,
"And if you find out these things are true..." Then he finished it,
and this is translated, "then you have to act." GOLDEN. "Yes, that is
true," we said, "and how we do that is by making covenants with God
like baptism." We invited them to be baptized. They said they still
have to figure it out first, if it's true, and talk to their families,
but they would be. So that was pretty sweet.

We had the opportunity this week to hear from the Apostle M. Russell
Ballard. He came to our mission. He said a lot of awesome things, one
of which was to become "Master Teachers." Totally, let's do it! So
that's a companionship goal. The other thing that he said about
missionary work that I thought was pretty funny and so true at the
same time was: "If you can't die to get out of it [missionary work],
then you might as well get good at it!" So true. The work continues
beyond the grave. And why? Because the message we share is the most
important one if the world: Christ set up His church, it's back on the
earth, and only through it, can you, and me, and all of us return to
live with our Father in Heaven again. Do you want to be happy? Yes?
Forever? Yes? Then this is the way to go. Through Christ, you can have
that. That joy. Isn't that wonderful? And you can read all about how
to have this joy in this God given book, The Book of Mormon: Another
Testament. It's wonderful! And it is so true.

I hope you all have a good week this week and continue to smile.
Please. He world needs more of that.

Love yalls,

--Elder Conner Pearson

1. Bye dad :(
2. The bunny/raccoon/squirrel thingy on Elder Carmons shoulder
3. A squirish rat
4. A Family Tree - I had to take a picture by it. You all know how
much I love puns
5. An adorable dog our investigator has

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