Saturday, January 30, 2016

Miracles (always), Everyone here is family, prayer works!

Hello to the home front!

Well I just had a great week, how about all of you? I sure hope you
have because why not make everything great? There's too many people
sad in the world. So smile and share that with them.

Man alive, what an awesome week. Yet again, filled with miracles.

Miracle #1 - The Miracle of Heladío

Last week this family we had dinner with this family who said that
their neighbors spoke Spanish. Well, alright, that's awesome! So we
went over and talked to these two guys Heladío and Alex. They were
pretty awesome. They had a guitar that was so out of tune, so out of
tune that I couldn't put it in tune. They liked us a lot and we set up
a return appointment. That appointment ended up falling through. So we
went back two days later, on Tuesday, to follow up with them. Alex
wasn't there but Heladío was and he let us in and man, he was so
excited. As soon as we came in he told us: "Look what I found in my
car!" It was a copy of the Book of Mormon. What in the? I was
thinking. And then he pulled out one of the phamplets that we hand out
to people and it was all marked up. Well, this is just getting better
and better! We asked him if we could come back the next day and review
that with him but we just ended up teaching the Restoration in 10
minutes to him, teaching him how to pray, inviting him to read the
Introduction of the Book of Mormon and then pray about it. He said he
We came back the next day and had another lesson with him. It was
pretty awesome. First thing he asks us: "Who is Moroni? Was he
actually an angel?" Holy cow, this guy read more than just the intro.

For those of you who may not be familiar with it, the Book of Mormon
starts off with the introduction, then goes into testimonies of those
who saw the plates and then the testimony of Joseph Smith, who,
through the power of God translated the ancient record. Joseph was
taught by heavenly messengers, one of which was named Moroni.

Anyways, so we explained to Heladío who he was and then we asked him
if he prayed about it. "Yes," he says casually. "And I fell that it's

Elder Carmon and I just looked at each other, surprised out of our
minds. But we weren't going to miss this opportunity.

"Well, Heladío, then will you be baptized?" Elder Carmon asked him.


Elder Carmon didn't know if he was serious. So he asked him again.
Elder Carmon still didn't believe it (he was dumbfounded) so he asked
him a third time. Again, he said yes. Third times a charm right? So he
is now on date for the end of February.

But WAIT. It doesn't stop there. It gets better.

Everybody out here is related to one another. In some way or another.
I don't really know how it works, but somehow it does and somehow
everybody has somebody's blood in them. We are teaching this one girl,
Sophie, and as we were knocking trailers in Mt. Pleasant and
outrunning vicious dogs, we met this family, Mary and Thomas. They're
related to Sophie and also to another member of the church. So they
know all about us. Cause I'm pressed on time, we had another really
good lesson with them and invited them to be baptized in March. They
accepted it and are excited and planning for it.


Sophie. We've been teaching her, her mom, and her sister for the past
little while. It's been hard the past week and a half to meet with
them cause their mom had a baby and then two days after that she had
tooth surgery so she's been kinda out of it. That is really rough. I
feel really bad for her. But last week we invited Sophie to pray to
know if baptism was the right way for her to go (we already invited
her to be baptized on January 30th) but she wasn't too sure. So this
past week, Elder Carmon and I have been praying a lot for her to
receive an answer. And we went to her house and had a lesson with her
the other day. I'll never forget this. We were talking about baptism
and the Holy Ghost and we asked Sophie if she had prayed.

"Yeah, and I think that I got an answer."
"What is it?"
"Well, I prayed and I felt like it was right. And then I wouldn't be
too sure. So then I prayed again and I felt even stronger like it was

That was such a sweet experience, it is such a sweet experience to be
able to watch people's faith grow. She accepted baptism for the 30th,
so that's pretty sweet.

The work is true. This church is true. I would not be out here, in
freezing cold Moroni, Utah, eating super spicy Mexican food that burns
my face off, learning Spanish, talking with new people everyday, if I
did not know this was true. Somebody told me this week that they
didn't feel as though in the Mormon Church that we received spiritual
enlightenment. I was able to testify that that is false and that I
have had witnesses from the Spirit tell me that this is true. And it's
so awesome when it does.

So, all of you wonderful people, I hope that you have a great week.
Remember, smile, read your scriptures pray, and I've said this before
but I'll say it again, God loves you and the book is blue.

Love yas!

--Elder Conner Pearson

1. Me eating this super gross lollipop with a cricket on the inside. I
don't know why I bought it but I did. And so I ate it all. I thought
the cricket was going to be juicy. They drained everything out of it
so it was just super flakey and tasted like grass. I suggest to all of
you that you don't waste your money on buying one of these.
2. Our newest companion, Elder Greene!
3. This awesome dog that followed us around for three hours as we
knocked trailers. We named him Chewey. And he's the best.

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