Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Awesome Peruvians, Beanboozeld, y Elder Pardo se va

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's been like a year since I've talked to you all! Haha okay sorry, I know that was lame but please laugh with me. I had to use that one. 

Man, this week was crazy! We had a great lesson with our Peruvian friends, Orlando and Miguel. They both are shepherds and so they work with a whole bunch of other Peruvians. And they invited one of them! His name is like Ublado or something. I don't know. I can't remember it. I kept on saying it wrong. But Ublado is super Catholic and so he pretty much asked us: What's so special about your church? Why do you say Catholism is wrong? So Elder Pardo explained the Apostasy and then Ubaldo was like: Oh. That makes sense. And then he came to church on Sunday! And even better, Orlando brought another one of their shepherd guys to the church! It was awesome! I love this guy. He's not even a member and already doing missionary work!

Okay, story of the week. For New Years Eve we had a dinner with this awesome family. I love them so much. Anyways, after dinner, one of their sons, Owen, whose like 11 I think, asked if we all wanted to play a game. "What game?" I asked. "Beanboozeld." He answered. "Heck, yeah, I love that game!"

So for those of your whose don't know, it's pretty much like you get a whole bunch of jelly beans and you put them into groups of jelly beans that look the same. All he black ones together, all the orange ones together, and so forth. But the game comes in that some of them are normal and the others taste disgusting. Like skunk spray instead of black licorice (both of those are pretty gross) or grass clippings instead of lime. Anyways, so it got to my turn and I got to choose what flavor he got to try. Orange: barf or peach. 

"Barf, totally," I said. 

So Owen picked it up bravely and through it into his mouth. He took a bite and then smiled. 

"Peach," he said with a sigh of relief and a smile on his face. But then he took another bite. The smile of joy quickly left his face as he started to gag like a cat chocking on a hairball. One upchuck, two upchuck, and the third had the prize. He actually barfed. 

Oh man, it was so funny. Elder Pardo got up and shot to the other side of the room while Owens Dad straight up ran into the kitchen. Now this guy is a pretty big guy and he ran pretty fast over to the sink. "I think I'm going to throw up too." I started laughing. "Okay," the dad said again, "we are not gonna play that game again." That amendment stayed for about an hour and then we started playing it again. 

Okay, so sad news. Elder Pardo is getting transferred. :( Hes going down to Fillmore. On Tuesday I will get another new companion. It's still sad though. He's leaving :(

So we live in Moroni in Sanpete County. It's a cute little town and crazy little county. Cowboys everywhere. And turkeys. So, as Elder Pardo been saying goodbye to everyone, we wrote them a song to sing to them. And we thought that it was so good, that we found is guy with a recording studio and recorded the song. Afterwards, this guy was like: Play something. So I did. And then he got on the drums and we jammed. This guy was so good. My ears were ringing afterwards, but that's not important. It was wicked fun. 

But, hey, that's where the Lord needs him. The work moves on. As Joseph Smith said, the work will go on "boldly, nobly, till it has sounded in every ear, penetrated every continent." It is truly a blessing to be involved in the work of the Lord and you all can be too! Make it a goal to invite somebody to church this month. Then pray about one of your friends, since I know you all have some, to invite to church and then go for it. Pray for the strength to do it and do it. If you need help, talk to your local missionaries.

 Continue to be a blessing in everyone's lives,

--Elder Conner Pearson

1. A sludge hammer we found in our apartment ( I don't know how we never found it before)
2. Jamming with this awesome guy (and yes, he was just about to rock hard)
3. Sledding with the Zone (don't worry, I didn't break myself again)

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